Inside my Creation Station

5:54 PM

This wicker rocker is for my family members to come visit me and 'set a spell'!
I repainted this old desk to hold my Cricut Expression and my new printer. My Cricut cartridges are in the bottom two drawers.
This wall has a counter the entire length where I can spread out my layouts for their final embellishing. My cardstock and paper packets are stored underneath the counter.
This is the view from the door as you walk in. The counter is where I like to stand and do my cutting. It was the original counter when it was a gas station!
This desk is where I stamp. The cabinet next to it holds baskets and boxes with most of my stamps! It's definitely an addiction!

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  1. Dawn, this is one of the coolest scrapbook spaces I have ever seen. What a unique place with great decor and organization. Enjoy!

  2. Thanks Amy, I am so are the first to comment on my blog! My creation station definitely is my 'happy place'!

  3. What a cute little "creation station" you have there. And what a great use of the building.

  4. I've been planning to display my dad's vintage cameras on a shelf in my I know how cute they can look from the pic of your station! I'm going to get on the project asap!


  5. I do want to come and "set a spell!" Love the Creation Station!

  6. WOW - I just adore your creation station - what an amazing space to be creative :-)

  7. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!?!? Sorry fir the cap letters but...
    Barbara from Milan, Italy

  8. I love your space! Looks like you have a place for pretty much everything. I am in the process of moving my craft/scrapbook room from a bedroom into our living room [we have a huge family room] but it really is a lot of work...thanks for the inspiration.

  9. I have been cleaning & re-organizing AGAIN!!!! I need to take new pics :)