Winter in my Station

4:12 PM

Here in Minnesota we've had a bit of an unusual winter! We typically have snow and cold from mid-November through March or April.  We did have a blizzard in November, but then the snow melted and the temps increased for our daughter to have a lovely wedding on December 3rd!  But then we had more snow and bitter cold in mid-December, followed by thunder and RAIN on Christmas Day!  And now we seem to be having a January thaw with melting snow and foggy mornings.  
I guess this strange weather report is to explain why I am so happy we did some updates on my 'Creation Station' this past summer.  I really needed a new door, as wind, rain and snow could get under the gap at the bottom!  Well a new door escalated to new windows and siding, too! 

Here is the 'before' picture!

I LOVE the new look, which is fresh but also a bit more retro like the original station!
You'll have to check back this summer to see if my hubby adds any of his collectibles out front!
Even if he does...the inside is ALL MINE!!!!!

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